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Film Insert Injection Molding

Plastic cover panels support
more complex designs,
like large sizes or curved surfaces

Requests continue to increase for large cover panels or ones with curved surfaces.
Our Film Insert Injection Molding technology can satisfy those requests.
We are improving our technology to support even more intricate shapes.

Technology Overview

The advantage of plastic cover panels is that they support complex shapes when glass cannot.

Premium decorating with high level designs is also possible even on large shapes and curved surfaces. We support various customer needs.

Sample of a panel with our film insert technology. We provide extremely precise decorating.

Our advanced technology provides film forming for complex shapes. Products are processed with extremely high precision, leaving a beautiful finish.

A compressed air vacuum thermoforming machine is used for film forming. This enables us to support more intricate shapes.

Using a silk screen printing machine allows us to decorate a variety of shapes on film.


  • Panels for car audio and navigation systems
  • Panels for car air conditioners
  • Other cosmetic and functional parts


We also provide prototypes before mass production. Contact us for further details.

And more

Coated molding with tactile film is also available.