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Double-shot Injection Molding

Injection molding technology can integrate
different materials and colors together, and
produce excellent cosmetic finishes with added functionality.

Double-shot injection molding technology can integrate different materials and colors together.
This molding offers a cosmetic finish without joint lines between parts,
improving the functionality, aesthetics and enhancing powers of expression.
This technology also helps cut overall costs.

Technology Overview

Double-shot injection molded part (right) offers a premium feel comparable to a coated part (left).
The cosmetic finish can be improved by eliminating the joint lines between parts.

Clear resin with a metallic element is integrated and molded together with a black-colored material. This offers a premium feel with the visual impression of depth unique to double-shot injection molding. A lacquer and jet-black finish can also be replicated.

An elastomer with a non-slip feature and polycarbonate ABS (or PBT, etc.) can also be integrated and molded.

A variety of colors are also available.


  • Cosmetic finishes such as texture, color and design can be replicated.
  • We can add depth to the color or a feeling of depth on the part.
  • Two parts can be produced together as one component.


  • Panels for car audio system
  • Panels for car air conditioners
  • Other cosmetic and functional parts