• Global Network

Global Network

Our head manufacturing plant is
based in Japan and supported by
a global network of
production sites

Fuji Bakelite has developed a global network
with production sites in China,
Thailand and Vietnam.
By exporting directly to Europe and the U.S.
as well as by developing local business,
this network provides important strategic points
to increase growth.

The automotive industry is now based on a global scale. Fuji Bakelite has production sites in China and Thailand for automotive parts, and not only supplies high-precision plastic parts to Japanese companies locally but exports to Europe,the U.S. and the ASEAN regions. At our Vietnam plant that focuses primarily on breakers, we are adding on to the facility to expand our production area even more. Our global production network does not just function to supply products to customers but plays a major role in business growth. Fuji Bakelite's head manufacturing plant in Japan develops new molding technology and decorating technology, and we hope to continue using that technology to help development in countries with emerging markets.

Headquarters & Head Manufacturing Plant

Head Manufacturing Plant

- Thermosetting and thermoplastic molding and processing.
- Large-sized thermoplastic molding, decorating and processing.

State-of-the-art manufacturing hub supports large automotive parts.

The headquarters and head manufacturing plant are the base of operations for Fuji Bakelite’s globalization. This plant features the latest in machinery and equipment to support automotive parts that continue to become larger every year, providing a complete system to support customer needs. We are able to manufacture large breaker parts with high ratings by taking advantage of the benefits from thermosetting plastic properties. And, we also use thermoplastic with heat-resistant properties to produce a broad range of breaker related parts. We designed our own in-house equipment to automate the deburring process, a vital step in thermoset parts. This ensures highly efficient processing with superior finishing quality. We are also engaged in designing and fabricating different types of molds.

Yoshii Plant

Yoshii Plant

- Thermoplastic molding and processing (general decorating).
- Manufacture of in-house products related to semiconductors.

This production site manufactures automotive related parts with high precision and elaborate designs as well as functional products under our own brand name.

The Yoshii Plant produces thermoplastic breaker parts and automotive parts of audio and navigation systems. This plant offers a complete production system with advanced ultra-high precision molding technology for thermoplastics as well as decorating technology such as coating, printing, laser etching. What primarily distinguishes this site is its ability to produce high-precision products with elaborate designs. Yoshii Plant is also the center for development in new fields. This includes manufacturing precision molded products used in health care sectors as well as the developing and manufacturing functional products for the semiconductor sector. The plant operates as a production stronghold for Fuji Bakelite.

Dalian Fuji Plastics Products Co., Ltd.

Dalian Fuji Plastics Products Co., Ltd.

- Molding and processing of thermosetting and thermoplastic parts.
- Design and fabrication of different types of molds for thermosetting
and thermoplastic parts.

We support the strict environmental standards on European automobiles using water-based coating technology and our own complete production system.

Dalian Fuji Plastics Products was established in 1995. We established the same complete production system as Japan to supply high-precision plastic parts primarily for Japanese companies in different regions of China, such as Mitsubishi Electric Dalian Industrial Products Co., Ltd. This site is currently expanding operations to include export into other regions such as the U.S. and Europe.

Thai Fuji Plastics Co., Ltd.

Thai Fuji Plastics Co., Ltd.

- Molding and processing of thermoplastic parts.
- Design and fabrication of different types of molds for thermoplastic

This production site manufactures high-precision plastic parts for the automotive industry and supports the demand in not only the ASEAN region but also everywhere in the world.

Thai Fuji Plastics was established in Sriracha in 2006. Its complete production system features cutting-edge equipment and manufactures high-precision thermoplastic parts. We continue to steadily expand our production. This site supports the demand not only within the ASEAN region but throughout the world.

Fuji Bakelite Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Fuji Bakelite Vietnam Co., Ltd.

- Molding and processing of thermosetting and thermoplastic parts.
- Assembly and mounting of small breakers; mounting machinery is
scheduled to be installed later.
- Assembly and processing of smart meter parts.

Our third overseas site supplies parts with a tremendous costs advantage, including thermoplastic parts for breakers.

Fuji Bakelite Vietnam was established in the outskirts of Hanoi in 2013 in order to build up our production network in Asia and increase our resources to support customer needs. Here, we are involved in expanding our production of breaker parts and developing local business.