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Received accreditation of Environmental International Standard ISO 14001

Fuji Bakelite was awarded ISO 14001 in July, 2004. With its environment policy, environment management system was prepared to strive for environmental sustainability in every business activity.

Environmental Policy by Fuji Bakelite


For the sake of sustaining healthy environments for all creatures' survival in the global environment and regional societies, we take actions to contribute to the protection of natural resources and prevention of pollution over the earth environment in every aspect through business activities and employees' conduct.


We are involved in manufacturing processes from tooling design, injection molding, secondary processing and assembly for wiring breakers, car audio equipment, office automation equipment, power meters, and other electric parts. While those products are widely circulated both at home and abroad, we recognize our critical role for the environmental conservation thus pay attention to insulation treatment, lightening the weight, upgrading the functionality, energy- and resource-saving.

  • 1. Manufacturing these products, we proceed with efficient use of raw materials such as plastic resin, iron, and non-ferrous metal, paper and electricity with an eye toward environment well-being.
  • 2. We have a correct understanding about how business activities, products and services affect the environment so that we can prevent the pollution. Then we define environment objectives and causes, revise them from time to time, if necessary, and continuously improve its performance and environment management system.
  • 3. We comply with the environment related laws, regulations and commitment agreed within our company.
  • 4. We introduce environment-conscious product development, manufacturing technologies and resource saving processes in a proactive manner, and make efforts to lower the adverse elements affecting energy and to reduce waste generation.
  • 5. We conduct environmental education and in-house public relations activities so that whole employees become aware the policy toward environmental issues, raising awareness for environmental concerns.

Takaki Sakamoto
Fuji Bakelite Co., Ltd.
Date: January 8, 2024