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Fuji Bakelite is a partner with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
and manufactures breaker parts that offer premium quality and high reliability.

As products, breakers and electricity meters have helped shape the history of Fuji Bakelite. We have built our current reputation for reliability by making thermosetting breaker parts over a long period time alongside Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, our main partner and the No.1 industry share holder. Thermosetting plastic offers superior stability and heat-resistance. We meet the quality and productivity requirements by using those advantages in conjunction with the thermoplastics that have been improved and advanced.
One of our associate companies, Ryoyo Electric Corporation was established jointly with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. They manufacture electromagnetic no-fuse breakers as a core product as well as various other products like UPSs, ground-fault breakers, remote control relay devices, circuit protectors and electricity meter units.

Thermosetting and thermoplastic breakers and electricity meter parts

Strength, heat resistance and insulation properties are 'must' for large high-rated breaker parts as well as for electricity meter units,
called 'Smart Meters'.
Making the most use of thermosetting and thermoplastic resin, we achieve the quality required by customers at a high level.

High-strength breaker parts with excellent heat-resistant and insulation properties
Inner mechanical parts of breakerInner mechanical parts of breaker
Smart meter parts as the core of the smart grid system
Insert molding and fuel pump related precision molding parts