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Corporate Philosophy

Finest plastic creates happiness.

We would like to bring happiness to customers and to employees, and contribute to society by way of producing finest plastic parts. We are always tackling new objectives, developing strengths as a corporation, and making strenuous efforts to establish a competitive edge for technical advancement.


"LOVE, HARMONY and TRUST" is the hearts and
minds of Fuji Bakelite's

We think that only good corporate culture brings a good company. With the company's credo "LOVE, HARMONY & TRUST", Fuji Bakelite has fostered the corporate culture under the president's policy to "create a company where employees shine through, and also shop floor, technology and products shine through". Fuji Bakelite recognizes itself involving many people, especially its employees. Thus their happiness is the prime objective of running a company. "How lucky I am, working with Fuji Bakelite!", "It is fortunate for me to work with such wonderful people!" Fuji Bakelite would like to realize such happiness in practical and emotional terms through work. Fuji Bakelite is aiming at becoming a company where the employees understand each other well and put the minds together to display good team work.