• The Basic Principles of BCP

The Basic Principles of Business Continuity Plan ("BCP")

The Basic Principles of BCP by Fuji Bakelite Co., Ltd.

We confirm our planning purpose, important policy and efforts to expedite the business continuity for emergencies as follows:

The Basic Principles

The disruption in business might affect our related customers and suppliers in case of crisis caused by natural disaster such as huge earthquake and widespread damage.
In addition, the disruption in our operation brings tremendous loss, endangers our business continuity, and eventually, gives adverse effects to employment conditions.
That's why we prepare a Business Continuity Plan as crisis preparedness; we secure the safety of employees and their families, ensure the sustainable recovery of offices and factories for the prompt resumption of operations, and facilitate activities to resume the customer's business as early as possible.

[The Principles of BCP]

  1. We give top priority to the safety of employees and their families.
  2. We will work together to resume customers' business in order not to damage the credibility of our customers.
  3. We keep employees by continuing business.
  4. We contribute to local communities by providing disaster stricken areas with restoration and reconstruction assistance.
  5. We create the corporate culture in readiness for emergencies by raising risk awareness in each employee.