• The Corporate Ethics

The Corporate Ethics

Corporate ethics by Fuji Bakelite Co., Ltd.

1. We adhere strictly to laws and regulations, and conduct fair and sincere corporate activities governed by social norms.

  1. i) We comply with the antitrust law as well as fair competition and take a sensible approach according to the principle of self-responsibility as a premise of free economic activity.
  2. ii) We not only strictly observe laws, regulations and rules but also avoid inappropriate corporate activities that deviate from social norms. We will not pursue profits through unfair means such as providing bribes or profit sharing.
  3. iii) Having a spirit of observing the law, each of us acts in a sensible way by paying commonsense attention so as not to contravene conventional wisdom during the course of achieving projects.
  4. iv) We understand the information-intensive society requires careful attention to the information management. We need to secure the information not least from business partners in order to prevent illegal acquisition, unintended use, and wrongful leakage of information.
  5. v) We firmly confront anti-social forces that poses a threat to the order and safety of society, and that is detrimental to the development of healthy economy and society.
  6. vi) If our corporate were brought to account for social responsibility, we would investigate the cause in full, work hard toward quick resolution and prevent the recurrence.

2. We respect human rights and individuality of employees, ensure a safe and easy working environment, and establish good relations with local communities.

  1. i) Leading on to greater job satisfaction, we will create a work-friendly place where employees develop a sense of self as a member of society and live a healthy and fulfilling life.
  2. ii) With attention to fair conditions and transparency to systems, we will strive to create a comfortable, safe and easy to work environment, where human rights and privacy of employees are respected.
  3. iii) We are fully aware that our company develops through the initiative and creativity of employees. We will cherish a corporate culture with a respect to each individual.
  4. iv) We regard the relationships with the community as the basis of our existence. It is natural for us to contribute to the development of local communities through our business activities.
  5. v) We will engage in CSR activities with awareness that our existence is supported by the development of healthy society.

Takaki Sakamoto
Fuji Bakelite Co., Ltd.
Date: January 8, 2024